With PRO2AIS, you’ll have access to a truly easy–to–use website creation tool. It is really easy to get the hang of and it features a user interface that is going to be instantly familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin area. The website creation tool offers a lot of distinctive themes which you could tweak with just a click of the mouse and kickstart a site as you wish. Plus, each site theme is mobile–optimized, so your brand new site will look really good on mobile devices from the outset.

The website creation tool is a part of the PRO2AIS Website Control Panel, available with all Linux cloud website hosting service, VPS service, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offers.

An easy to use website creation tool

No technical background is required

The website creation tool packed with the PRO2AIS user interface is really simple to use. It permits you to develop your site via quick point and click movements. You won’t need to know CSS or any other programming language. If you’ve so far worked with an app or even a text editing software, then you’ll already know how to use the website creation tool.

With its interface, you can move around page elements the way you like and customize their style with a click. Apart from that, you could embed images, videos, and even your own e–shop, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

Stylish themes that look impeccable on mobile devices

To design an eye–pleasing website, you’ll need to have a good infrastructure. That’s why, the PRO2AIS’s website creation tool features a big collection of one–of–a–kind design templates, applicable to any sort of websites – personal pages, e–shops, discussion forums, and so on.

Every website template is easy–to–customize, with lots of patterns, unique color options and built–in support for well over a hundred fonts. You can modify each of these options with a click of the mouse. Plus, to top it all off, if at some point you want to switch your website theme and pick a different one, all changes you have completed will be switched over automatically.

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

In–built knowledge base and step–by–step videos

See how quick and easy it really is to launch an online presence

The PRO2AIS’s website creation tool features a very handy knowledge base where you can see a number of step–by–step articles and videos that cover the most commonly asked questions by users.

They can guide you in case you want to check out how to add a new page, how to personalize the color options of your website template, how to add an image gallery module or even just how to switch your whole site template.

And last but not least, we also offer a customer service team that is at hand 24/7, prepared to give an answer to any of your questions.

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