With a dedicated server, you can find a standalone physical server, employed by you and you solely. View the video display and then determine how the dedicated servers by PRO2AIS can benefit your websites and ventures.

Having a dedicated server from PRO2AIS you’ll get a server, developed with proven, trusted and carefully examined hardware elements. In this way, we make an attempt to minimize all possible hardware outages, which are normal with brand new and untested components. Also, all dedicated servers come in the US data center, that provides unrivaled connectivity, power and cooling options.

With each of PRO2AIS’s servers, also you can select the OS. We supply CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu, three of the very firm and secure Linux distributions, accessible. Additionally, every one of them provides considerable support communities, that can assist you fix any difficulty you encounter.

With each and every dedicated server, you can also have a loads of complimentary bonuses. You get 3 different dedicated IP addresses, a completely free billing software plus a cost–free domain name reseller account. And if you pick Debian, you too can take advantage of our 100% free Website Control Panel, which on its own is rich in a lot of free of charge website tools.